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Krysten Ritter did her usual goth thing for the Gotham Awards

11.30.2016by: Droz

It's a good thing Krysten Ritter looks as good as she does in black. Imagine how screwed she'd be if her colors were pink or bright yellow. Fortunately everyone's favorite superhero private eye is right at home in the dark hues, as evidenced by her appearance at the Gotham Awards the other night, as well as just about every other time she's ever appeared anywhere.

They're currently filming the next season of Jessica Jones for Netflix. Curious how this season is going to pan out without the flat out unnerving inclusion of Kilgrave in the cast. I hope they didn't blow their wad with that villain. David Tennant made him one of the few Marvel bad guys to not only hold his own, but actually outshine the protagonist. But then I hear Jessica and Daredevil and Luke Cage are soon to join forces in their own little Hell's Kitchen Avengers squad, so that should be good. One criticism I already have about this second season is Jessica wearing the same shit she wore all through last season. Literally. Same jeans, same boots, same jacket, same scarf thing. I'm sorry, but the whole idea of everyone wanting to get with Jessica loses some of its legitimacy when they have her wearing the same outfit two seasons in row. In any vaguely real world scenario, those threads would be beyond ripe by now.

Krysten Ritter filming Jessica Jones Season 2

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