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Joanna Krupa shows anything can be art, even something like wearing a bikini

07.28.2015by: No Cool Handle

Joanna Krupa is 34 years old, yet she manages to keep her body in the kind of shape most 20-year-olds wish theirs where in. Honestly, most women 14 years younger than her can't compete. The picture-perfect, Polish powerhouse (that's right I said it) always looks camera ready, even when doing nothing more than strutting along Miami Beach. This coastal area is a watering hole for the genetically superior, but even the gaggle of sexy chicas that inhabit those shores have to be a little humbled when Joanna Krupa crosses their path. She's been around for years, she's done countless photo shoots including fashion, nude, swimsuit and candid; all the while breaking the law of diminishing returns. She's like those fond memories that linger through the years, not allowing room for anything new, because for some reason unknown you're convinced there will never be anything greater.

Source: Lazy Girls


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