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Kristen Wiig puts her comedy gold label on the Zoolander 2 premiere

02.05.2016by: Droz

Was there an especially loud clamoring going on for a ZOOLANDER 2 at some point? There couldn't have been, because I never heard it. But here it is anyway. And just like with the first movie, it's either going to be really funny or really dumb, depending on how you like your comedies. They made at least one correct move in casting Kristen Wiig in it. She's one of the view hotties out there who allows me an insight into that "funny is attractive" thing women often talk about with guys. That's not to say that Kristen isn't a looker. She's cute and occasionally pretty hot. It's her comedy skills that really push her into hottie territory for me. I like a girl who can dish out the sarcastic wit and goofball antics with ease. I'll take that over some hopeless drama queen any time.

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