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Kristen Wiig gets wet and sexy for Violet Grey

05.01.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know much about this Violet Grey person or her website but she certainly managed to get some of the most sensual images out of actresses who otherwise don't show off for photoshoots. I'm particularly in love with these photos of Kristen Wiig, whom I maintain is the epitome of the kind of lady I'd want to marry if I were a dude. Wiig has a bit of an unsung hottie body that she seems either shy or demure about showing off outside of the realm of doing it for laughs. As for her continuing to show off her fit self, turns out Kristen is going nude in this weekend's limited release WELCOME TO ME. In an interview with VG, she explained that the role of a woman with a personality disorder seemed to be the right fit for story-appropriate nudity. "Being naked in a film or on stage isn't always supposed to be sexy. It was the part and it felt right, so I did it," Wiig explained. "Of course you're nervous... and you know people are gonna make comments but if you care about that, your job instantly becomes more difficult. You have to do things for you." I don't know about the rest of you, but I've really grown to love the movies that Kristen makes, especially those where she's allowed to stray from the maniacal comedienne that most people grew to know her by on SNL or in BRIDESMAIDS. I look forward to WELCOME TO ME, and not just for the nudity... although I won't lie and say that I'm not interested in that.
Source: Pop Sugar


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