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Kristen Stewart's Personal Shopper pics from Cannes are personally stunning

06.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
At what point did people decide that they hated Kristen Stewart? I've heard different tales from different people and have even altered my opinion of the actress over the years but I'm wondering what exactly it was that made so many people make a collective grimace whenever she's mentioned. Was it TWILIGHT? Even Kristen insists that she wasn't 100% on that but why is it so bad to have a major blockbuster series under your belt? People don't hate Jennifer Lawrence for playing Katniss. (Although, in all fairness, Bella was a horrible character and I guess some people can't separate the fiction from reality.) As the time is stretching away from that period in her life, I find myself enjoying Stewart so much more. As the belle of the Cannes ball this year, with 3 different new movies debuting there, including PERSONAL SHOPPER - a ghost story set in the fashion industry - Kristen found herself in the spotlight a lot while in France, including stories that critics watching that movie were booing. I don't think I've ever felt compelled to boo a movie, usually choosing to mock it if it's bad. Booing seems lazy and uninspired, something that I didn't think the Frenchies valued. So if that goes hand in hand with hating on Stewart, I guess I'm not cool enough for Cannes.
Source: Fab Mansion


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