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Kristen Stewart's bleached blonde goth look slays on Elle UK cover

08.11.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kristen Stewart tends to skew on the conservative side when she appears in photoshoots for magazines, forgoing those typical sexualized poses and body part flaunting images that other actresses seemingly are pressured into. While I wouldn't complain if KStew decided to get her groove on in that regard a little more, I appreciate that she's one of the few out there who has command of her career directive enough to sufficiently put her foot down to these requests. Posing naturally, as you might see her if she was an art student doing a favor for a friend in a photography class, the pictures that do come out of shoots like this one for Elle UK's September issue, are actually far more sexy than if she was pressured into something unnatural to her. I like that Stewart has gotten to a place where she can do these spreads her way and leave the more suggestive, nudity stuff for the roles she takes on while in character. People can talk a lot of smack about her if they want, but you have to admire the fact that she's strong willed enough to get what she wants.
Source: Elle UK


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