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Kristen Stewart looks like a sexy don for the new Chanel campaign

04.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kristen Stewart may often look like she's suffering from a never ending case of mono but if her latest collaboration with Chanel tells us anything it's this: she can bring the sexy when she's ready. The Paris, Film Nior theme cliché aside, these are a fine bunch of images featuring Hollywood's gloomiest Gus. While her facial expressions are still limited to the singular, dreary existence thing, the rest of her is dressed up nicely. Those slim pins look tasty covered in lacy, thigh high stockings; ditto for that nice bit of skin showing between her buttoned down blouse. I can only imagine the kind of fun that would ensue after walking into a decked out hotel room in Paris with Ms. Stewart sitting in a chair like some sexy don, dressed so no man could refuse any offer she's about to make.

Source: chanel


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