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Kristen Stewart is retro, adorable & having fun on the latest Woody Allen set

08.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Just when I think we can get past the "Woody Allen's new ingenue" thing, up pops Kristen Stewart looking radiant in retro fashion on his latest as-yet-untitled film. The movie will reteam Stewart with her AMERICAN ULTRA star, Jesse Eisenberg, and it's a solid bet that the Allen flick will actually do worse at the box office than the flopping stoner sleeper spy film. The 25-year old clearly isn't sweating her 10th place standing in the Forbes list of top paid actresses for 2015, most likely because she's been holding steady at a rate of $12 million for a couple of years now (she ranked third in 2013 and was the number one earner in 2012). Just another one of the things that I like about Kristen, the fact that she takes on more indie projects and isn't always actively searching out the next TWILIGHT, something a lot of the highest paid actors can't say, with their back-to-back sloppy blockbusters. Now, if you ask me if I'm interested in seeing her in a Woody Allen movie, I'll demure...
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