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Kristen Stewart is a pretty flower at TIFF's screening of On The Road

09.07.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Sometimes my day job really, really f*cking sucks. People like to judge what I do as being non-essential. Because it's government funded, they like to find all kinds of piddly things to use as justifications as to why resources for the developmentally disabled should be cut. People see me as a glorified babysitter of adults. Many people see the adults that I'm working with and judge them to just be obnoxious or not "raised right" because there's this undercurrent of people buying into the bullshit that Autism is something a person selectively chooses to say they have to give themselves an excuse to be what others consider an asshole. I've been doing what I do for over 10 years now. I find satisfaction in my job, do it to the best of my ability and am always damn sure to cross the T's and dot the I's where I've been instructed to do so. It's not always pleasant, it's not always easy, but when it's good... it's incomparable.

I say this to lead into my huge gripe with the people who seem to have absolutely no problem judging Kristen Stewart as an actress. Are you an actress? Have you had strangers following you around everywhere you go, hiding in bushes, taking as unflattering pictures as they can possibly take of you? Have you had to live a falsified romance for the sake of producing massive profits for a franchise of movies that you might not have expected to do as well as they have at the cinema? Are you expected to smile, all the time, at your job while wearing the most uncomfortable clothing and shoes that have been preselected for you to wear? To play a role when technically it's your day off?

Haters... you need to f*ck the hell off. You DO NOT know what this girl goes through on a regular basis. If you try and justify that she's somehow left herself open to slings and arrows (but come on, you're not even that gentle... it's more like bloody knuckle punches to the gut and the swing of a mace to her head), because she signed up for the job, for the money, she HAD to expect the backlash from fame, you need to f*ck the hell off even more. You need to stop creating memes about how she doesn't have a lot of facial expressions. You need to actually watch the movies she's in with an open, objective mind and not just default to your bloodthirsty need to knock her down with a sucker punch to the back of the head.

Kristen Stewart owes you NOTHING. But some of you very much so owe her a damned apology.


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