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Kristen Stewart goes totally blonde, completely shirtless at NYFF premiere

10.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I hope it's still not a thing to hate on Kristen Stewart. Since leaving the throes of TWILIGHT, most of the projects that the actress has taken on have been warmly received by critics (AMERICAN ULTRA and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN aside) and with the public coming out in her personal life, Kristen definitely seems far more relaxed than she ever was in the past. And you have to forgive her that past. She came up as a child actor, had a lot of shit dictated in her life as a teenager and still managed to show up and be professional most times. Why should she be held to a standard that most other young people get to forgo? The smiles on her face lately, especially here on the red carpet premiere of her upcoming movie CERTAIN WOMEN at the New York Film Festival, are worth all of the grumpy expressions she wore during her Bella days. The fact that she looks kinda like a young Annie Lennox with that hair is just a plus. Now if only the illusion of her shirtless, braless, toplessness hadn't been ruined by the spotting of that double sided tape.

Source: Yahoo


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