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Kristen Bell takes the plunge on the Golden Globe red carpet

01.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor
As the younger ladies out there in the world say, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are "hashtag GOALS." The couple, who have famously done cutesy commercials for Samsung Galaxy, are often seen as being that Hollywood pair who define love on the red carpet, from matching Game of Thrones temporary chest tattoos to simply going matchy-matchy with their fashion, as they did for Sunday night's 2017 Golden Globe Awards. I've been following Kristen on Instagram for awhile and her ability to tell an entire evening's story in 4 pictures is awe-inspiring to me. Especially when so many celebs known for taking pictures of themselves far far short of those 1,000 words. Kristen started off the night with a post of herself in the evening dress with her "morning matcha" and no makeup to the closing image of her with Shepard, playing a board game and captioning it "let the after party begin." While Bell is always one of the hottest women out there in Hollywood, especially when she plays it up for the fancier events, it's the fact that she's clearly one of the wackiest, most "real" chicks out there (celebrity or not) that makes her so damn irresistible.

Let us not forget that back in September of 2016, she showed us all how she manages to make the low-cut frocks work so well on her:

Source: LA Times


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