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Kristen Bell is the sweetest Bad Mom on the red carpet

07.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kristen Bell has always been a little sugar cube of babeliciousness but dolling up in an adorable yellow dress for the red carpet premiere of her latest movie, BAD MOMS only adds to her sweetness. Bell has been talking a bit about her marriage, finally sharing wedding pictures after having wed longtime beau, actor Dax Shepard, in 2013. If there's a Hollywood couple that I love to follow, it's these two, with their vacation videos set to Toto's "Africa," to Bell's adorable meltdown when she realized that Dax had gotten her a visit with a sloth for her birthday. I also love that Bell has been candid when talking about her battle with depression and the need to please everyone she encounters, causing her great anxiety. Her frankness about trusting doctors helps to diffuse some of the bobbleheaded nonsense that other ignorant celebrities spew, unfavorably influencing their equally dense fans. Still doesn't mean that I'm interested in watching the movie, though.
Source: Pop Sugar


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