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Kristen Bell is our Hottie of the Month for January 2018 (video)

01.18.2018by: Droz

Kristen Bell Hottie of the Month January 2018

We cover all kinds of hotties around here. Basically you name it, we've got it when it comes to individual kinds of women one might choose to fancy. January 2018's Hottie of the Month, Kristen Bell, fits nicely into the adorable area of the hottie spectrum. Pretty much from day one she was the cutest little blonde sweetheart around. She's pretty much still that person years later, only now she's added a nice helping of sexy to her mix. thanks to some truly intense moments of on screen sex one might not have expected from her just a few years ago. Gotta love hotties who can surprise us.

Enjoy our tribute to the adorable Kristen Bell below!

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