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Kristen Bell goes strapless like a boss at red carpet premiere

03.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If there's anyone I'd be willing to wait ages to complete my DMV paperwork, it's certainly my favorite little marshmallow, Kristen Bell. While she's far more well known for voicing Anna from FROZEN, I found it charming that Bell was picked as the voice for Priscilla, one of the sloths working at the DMV in ZOOTOPIA. In a completely different role, Bell is appearing in this week's release, THE BOSS, where she's working with a co-star who is far less sloth-like than one might assume. While people might mock her for her size, I get the impression that Melissa McCarthy is a bit of a whirling dervish when on the set, seeing that she inspires a lot of love from her co-stars (please let there be more action with her & Statham... please!!). As for Kristen, it's a bit hard not to love her but even more so, it's kinda awesome to see how much she and husband Dax Shepard love one another, judging by the way he made her crack up when she was trying to be all super hot premiere lady in her silver, strapless dress.  

Source: Daily Mail


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