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Knock it Off, Watts

07.02.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Naomi Watts might be knocked up again. Her first child with Sabretooth, uh... I mean Liev Schreiber (a son named Alexander), was born not even a year ago on July 25th of 2007. Yet there are reports that the actress just entered her second trimester, which would put her at at least 3 months (12 weeks, since the docs are doing it by weeks in the modern ages) along.

The couple didn't want to report about Alexander's conception either, keeping mum for a long time until Liev let it slip on some talk show. And I know that Watts is 39 and all, with her clock ticking faster than Marisa Tomei can stomp her foot, but are you kidding me? I thought Irish twins were a trend carried on by those with the last name Spears. However, I can see how those Sabretooth mutton chops might have gotten Naomi in a frisky, boom-boom time kind of mood.

Source: UsMagazine


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