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KK's Ass 4 Cowboys

06.25.2010by: Cherry Liquor

You've got to give this one to me because I'm stretching out of my comfort zones and actually looking up something that's sports related. I pretty much hate sports, if I put it in extreme description. Most of the time I'm just annoyed by them. Not because guys are into them or whatever other chicks bitch about, I could care less what the guy I'm into does with his guy time, but the fact that sports preempt other activities or shows or cause people to start riots even when their team wins is a major annoyance.

But here's the deal about the Kardashian family and their connection to the sports phenomenon. Apparently, if you can get up inside one of them, your chances at winning a major trophy or medal or award or whatever you guys love to hand out to the winners, vastly increases. When Kim Kardashian was still off/on again with Reggie Bush, it led to his team, the New Orleans Saints, winning the Super Bowl. And don't underestimate the Goliath of the family, as Khloe Kardashian's hubby Lamar Odom was gifted a $400K Rolls Royce from his Mega-Wife after his yellow & purple team took home a win recently.

So with rumours going around that Kim is now dating Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver (how appropriate that even the most obvious of jokes can remain unwritten here and you know how to fill in the blanks) Miles Austin, the fans have to be bowing down to the Golden Ass, praying that she sticks around with the dude long enough to make up for the Simpson/Romo debacle. Time will only tell.

Source: USA Today


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