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Kiwi model Georgia Fowler is a hottie that deserves more coverage

02.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary to achieve a desirable end. To what end? - drawing your attention to an under-the-radar hottie like Georgia Fowler, of course. This New Zealand import is the kind of sexy lass Michael Bay would cast in a leading role so he can pork her between takes. Being one of Victoria's Secret's pinch hitters; I wouldn't be surprised if he already has. Speaking of the lingerie giant ... it's high time they stop making Ms. Fowler ride the bench and add her to the starting line up. Too many sports metaphors? Just look at her showing up to the premiere of 'How to be Single' looking sexier than the stars of the movie. The nerve! The legs! The boobage! That's how you steal the spot light. In the off chance you feel these pics aren't in line with my enthusiastic praise, I've included some nice images of her wearing nothing but the unmentionables. You're welcome.

Source: Got Celeb


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