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Kiwi model Amy Lee Summers is practically spilling out of her bikini

03.13.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I have no clue which direction to point you in if you're ever motivated to purchase 138 Water after checking out their endless stream of saucy photoshoots featuring bodacious models (hell, I don't think we've ever seen the polished end product of these shoots but rather only the byproduct of some dude taking pictures of some dude taking pictures of these women) because frankly, I've never seen the shit for sale. Probably wouldn't be any good to drink, based on how the ladies, including busty Kiwi model & Playboy Playmate Amy Lee Summers is wasting it by pouring it over the tasty bits, washing away the flavour, but hey! Cleanliness is next to something something. Amy Lee is a former hairdresser who was approached by Playboy and has since ditched cutting off locks for showing off her buttocks, claiming that posing nude makes her feel more feminine. You can follow her on Instagram if this isn't enough for you.
Source: Daily Mail


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