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Kirstina Colonna hydrates her t-shirt for a 138 Water spread

08.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

I don't think the folks at 138 Water give a company f**k about the continuing drought in the Colorado River, or, the record droughts in California. They continue to waste an untold amount of life's precious liquid on hosing down c-model hotties like Kirstina Colonna; a social media model of some fame. Why not wet the shirt down with seawater, then stand there holding up the overpriced bottle? – You get the same effect. Hell, why not – for the environment's sake – just lose the useless T-shirt altogether; it's not concealing anything. I would love to see a few of the companies' quarterlies. I'd love to know how many halfwits out there pays 138's higher margins just because they market their water with tits. It'd be nice if they continue to keep buying, though. I sure do enjoy the marketing material.

Source: ns4w


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