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Kirsten Dunst's California style includes some ample cleavage

03.07.2016by: Droz

I'm relieved I no longer have to worry about Kirsten Dunst's glory days having passed her by prematurely. I was getting worried there for awhile about her. Not just because she wasn't as focused on her looks like she once was, but also because she didn't seem to get around to anything of interest as an actress. Everything changed there once she showed up on Fargo. What a great performance she gave last season. I'm not going to say Kirsten's sexy side isn't important either. That's coming back too. Just look at some of these pics in her California Style spread, especially that last one. Some damn fine cleavage right there. She hides her capacities there well, but when she decides to bring those babies out the result is an equally great performance.


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