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Kirsten Dunst updates her old wardrobe with spectacular new accessories

01.23.2017by: Droz

I don't know who the fashion Rain Man was who spotted the fact that under this jacket Kirsten Dunst wore to some event in Paris the other night, was a dress she wore once before at an Oscar party 13 years ago. Who the hell remembers what celebrities wore to an Oscar party from 2004? Must be the fashion eqivalent of sports statistics freaks who can name every single play, from every single game, played by their favorite team for the last century. I'll never understand how those people operate.

Kirsten Dunst dress recycling

However this feat of ridiculous couture reflection happened, it does provide us with a nice little contrast and compare between 20-year-old Kirsten and 34-year-old Kirsten. One does notice the passing of years. There are a few more wrinkles here and there than there were before the laugh lines begin to set in. Yes, Kirsten isn't the fresh-faced young thing she was anymore. Nor should anyone expect her to be. But of course, the most obvious distinction between the two iterations of Kirsten is the boobies. That's quite a increase in girth in only one specific area. The rest of her is pretty much the same in both time frames. She just has massive tits now. I wont question this development. Better to just embrace miracles without comment.

Source: GotCeleb


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