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Kira Kosarin was one sexy glass of water at TrevorLive

12.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I might need to get back into watching Nickelodeon. I think I crashed out watching a few episodes of iCarly when that was still on and perhaps I might have snuck in an episode of Victorious when figuring out what all the dudes were crowing about when referring to waiting for Victoria Justice to come of age but I've never heard of The Thundermans, the show that this lovely, Kira Kosarin is on. I guess it's about a family of superheros or something, with a Wonder Twins vibe to the lead characters, of which Kira is one. I posted about Kira back in the spring, when she attended an event wearing adorkable glasses, the kryptonite for many a guy (and girl!) out there in the world. I haven't seen much of her since, which is why I put her out of my mind but at the Trevor Proect's TrevorLIVE the other night, boy did Kosarin make a comeback, wearing a slinky little black dress that showed off her fit frame. While there are a ton of you who love the flawless perfection of Victoria Justice, I'd have to say that the pinch of uniqueness that Kira has is far more compelling than what Vicky has. I can't speak for her acting ability but I do like how she wears a dress and will continue to look for her in the future.
Source: Zimbio


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