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Kindly Myers shows off her gracious curves in Universe 137 magazine

03.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
The endless parade of hot models we know very little about continues on. Granted, when I see some hot pictures of a chick like Kindly Myers, I usually just go and Google them and then, because I'm generally fairly lazy when it comes to these ladies (since they very rarely tend to pop up more than once or twice after I first notice them) I only look through the first page of results. So I can tell you that she's a 31-year old Nashville model who looks like the trophy wife of a closeted Republican senator with social media claims that she's a "unicorn." Well, at least she isn't a mermaid like the rest of them. And if you're so inclined, she's willing to do squats in workout leggings pulled so high and worn so tight that her ass eats them like a hungry honey badger. Don't believe me? Check her Instagram.
Source: Lazy Girls


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