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Kindly Myers may have you thirsting for overpriced water

01.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

At this juncture, 138 water may as well rename their overpriced product to Booty Sweat. The shameless promotional strategy is beyond the bounds of good taste and it's time the name reflected that. Now they have Kindly Myers and her artificially inflated chest pushing their water on horny, impressionable minds. Minds like mine that ignore conflicting notions such as boobs and bottled water the moment a tight body, built for bikinis, is shown before me. All the sudden I'm willing to fulfill only half of this column's promise to bring you movie hotties. She has absolutely nothing to do with movies, but definitely is a hottie; very slim in the middle with an ass that pops – I love this kind of rare body. I can even overlook the ridiculously fake looking soccer balls she no doubt refers to as tits. The more I look at her, the more I'm beginning to believe that I've been unfairly harsh in regards to 138 water's marketing approach. I'm starting to think they are geniuses of juxtapositions. Even though the two things their contrasting – sex and bottled water – really have nothing to do with one and other.

Extra Tidbit: "Have some of Alpa's ass water, it's a cure all."
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