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Kimberley Garner's latest bikini shoot is a must-see

08.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

Mark me: this Kimberley Garner image set – a photo shoot of a photo shoot – will (in hindsight) offer more stimulus than what will be officially released; that's not an assumption, it's playing the odds. What we're witnessing here is the very definition of a bikini babe at the height of her powers. Watching the alluring blonde strut along the coastal shores of Saint Tropez is akin to watching a bee pollinating an exotic flower; two creatures doing exactly what they're born to do. As of today, prevailing sentiment may unofficially nominate these images: bikini pics of 2016 to beat, but we still have a ways to go. Who knows? – Being that Kimberley Garner lives in a two-piece, she may be the one to top her own inverted ass shots. An uphill battle, for sure. But, like I said, Garner is in her prime. One can only speculate as to what kind of achingly sexy photos are to come.

Source: ns4w


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