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Kimberley Garner's cute butt enjoys a little paddling in St. Tropez

01.04.2017by: Droz

It's kind of funny in an ironic way how synonymous this time of year is with swimsuits, hot women, and warm beaches. As I look out my office window right now, it's freezing cold, damp, and bleak with dark, grey clouds. It's exactly this kind of weather which drives the hotties with funds down to places where such conditions are not a concern. Add Kimberley Garner to that list of vacationing hotties. But then Kimberley always has had a knack for getting away from it all and having herself some fun while posing all sexy in tropical locales. Just check out her skills at turning a little paddleboarding into an impromptu photo shoot. Girl might be a gratuitous attention junkie, but that's forgivable. Kimberley makes a nice arrangement with everyone who cares to check her out. She gives us a ton of sexy and in return we give her the attention she craves. Fair trade.

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