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Kimberley Garner sure looks smart in that little schoolgirl miniskirt

12.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor
One of our favorite bikini babes, Kimberley Garner had to throw on a little more than her standard uniform of bikini (with that awesome skinny white girl butt of hers) when she went out tree shopping with her boyfriend this past holiday week. The sometimes model, sometimes reality star, all times hottie hasn't dished the details on her beau, which is alright with those of us who really don't care who that lucky bastard is. The tartan miniskirt showed off her stellar pins as she kissed her dude and cuddled her puppy, but Kimberley knows where her bread is buttered; The fit blonde put on her skimpy red bikini and posted some Xmas shots to her Instagram featuring her fellow bikini'ed buddy and that even luckier pup.

Source: Daily Mail


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