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Kimberley Garner keeps the bikini ball rolling, this time with a gold number

08.11.2016by: Droz

It would appear Kimberley Garner has some new bikini designs she's ready to put out onto the no doubt competitive bikini market. As usual, her ingenious and also quite effective method to setting her stuff apart from the rest is simply to put it on her own bangable bod and go strutting down various tropical locales with a camera crew in tow. I don't know how much input Kimberley has in the practical design of anything. She might simply put on some stuff other people make and then tells them what she likes and doesn't like. Whatever her involvement, using herself as a human billboard for her own product is a novel way to sell bikinis. She's certainly selling me on the quality of her wares.

Kimberley Garner wears a gold bikini Kimberley Garner wears a gold bikini Kimberley Garner wears a gold bikini
Source: Superior Pics


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