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Kimberley Garner keeps her tight little bum in shape with a jog in Ibiza

06.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Most of the people who seem familiar with Kimberley Garner have referred to her as being a spoiled rich girl, along the lines of a Paris Hilton or one of the baby JenDashians. I really don't know much about her other than the fact that she's been popping up on both UK and US gossip sites for the past couple of years, her face adorable and nearly always smiling broadly, her skinny girl booty rocking in bikinis and dresses and short shorts (oh my!). Plus, I know that I'm sick of the coverage that all of the American debutards get, so I'm willing to not learn too much about Garner and just appreciate that she looks cheerful and happy rather than dead-eyed and trout-pouted. Sure, she's clearly got someone bankrolling her Ibiza fitness routine, since most people can't afford to jet to an entirely different country to take a jog, but that cute little ass of hers makes me stop and stare just like that dude in the soccer hat. 
Source: Daily Mail


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