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Kimberley Garner is way too sexy for Chelsea

07.06.2016by: Droz

In many ways London's Chelsea district is England's Rodeo Drive. So it makes sense Kimberley Garner would be walking around there in clothes advertising all her best features. This area is one of the UK's best playground for the rich and Kimberley is one of their best things to play with. Yet as nice and luxuriant as this area probably is, I don't think it does Kimberley justice. All that cloud cover they get doesn't put her in the right light. She needs some of our famous California sunshine to illuminate those blonde locks like no other place can, and also shade her ample cleavage in the proper golden hue. This is the exact reason why so many hotties wind up living here eventually - all except the English ones, ironically enough. Sure they might maintain a dual residency, but they can't stay away from London fog and rain for long. They must be born with some kind of King Arthur style connection with the land over there. What other reason could there be to explain why someone as perfectly made for Malibu beaches as Kimberley should live so far away?

Kimberley Garner Booty

Source: NSFW


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