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Kimberley Garner is really something to look at on Alice's red carpet

05.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
We've posted a lot about Kimberley Garner here over the past few years, mainly because she is nice to look at. But I don't think any of us, being that us writers are from the States, truly know what the hell it is that Garner did to get so popular that we would have so many opportunities to look at her. Seems that while Kimberley might enjoy having cameras pointed in her direction for times like the red carpet London premiere of ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, she's not excited about the chance to revisit her reality show, "Made in Chelsea," roots. The company that produces the program has apparently tried to woo Garner back to their cast, but she's turned them down their offers of filming reunion specials, even with their enticing exotic locales. "I've done those trips before and they are not very fun. It's beautiful, but you feel like you're a caged animal. There is so much drama that it's like being on a bad holiday." I kind of like that she's stood up for herself when so many of the people who appear on these shows seem addicted to signing up for all of them, whether for the free trip or to extend their 15 minutes. So long as Kimmy is still around for her bikini photoshoots and event appearances like this one, I support her.
Source: Mirror


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