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Kimberley Garner is acclimating to Los Angeles life quite well

04.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I really cannot figure out what exactly Kimberley Garner does to garner (har har) so much love from the paparazzi. She hasn't been on television since 2012, when she was featured on "Made in Chelsea" in the UK. She doesn't have any other acting credits on her resume. She's a model but I don't see her as a part of any fashion campaigns, splashed in glossy spreads in magazines. She is a product of the online gossip media and our continuing fascination with pert body parts. In a pair of super tight and mighty white pants, Kimberley trolled about the shops in Los Angeles, stopping by a classic car dealership and pausing to make a refueling while looking as if she was plucked right out of a hair product commercial. Girl is really, really ridiculously cute. Cute should normally only get you so far but at this point, Garner's got enough points in her tank, she'll make it halfway across the nation before we realize that she's our adopted replacement for Paris Hilton, without the trust fund or famous family name. 
Source: Got Celeb


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