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Kimberley Garner is a present waiting to be unwrapped

12.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

How sweet it would be to wake up Christmas morning and see Kimberley Garner wrapped in something both festive and lacy, topped off with an edible bow, begging to be opened under the tree. She would find herself on the receiving end of some toe-curling pleasure that would end quicker than your average Christmas Carol; the night, neither silent nor holy; the cookies and milk, normally reserved for Santa, used to fulfill some deeply pornographic fantasies. Sadly, the closest most of us will ever get to what we really want for Christmas is this shoot she did for Scarlett Swimwear. Things ain't all that bad – remember that when the walls of reality come crashing down. A season without Kimberly Gardner would justify a bit of Bah Humbug, but we've see an entire year of Kimberley Garner's globetrotting, bikini show. You can't say she hasn't made a strong effort to satisfy.

Source: Got Celeb


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