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Kimberley Garner had deep cleavage and tight jeans booty on her horizon

09.26.2016by: Droz

I've heard some people criticizing the folks behind this DEEPWATER HORIZON movie, claiming it's too soon to be doing a disaster movie about the terrible gulf coast disaster. They might have a point. It was only 6 years ago. Then again, they started making 9/11 movies within a shorter time span, so apparently the buffer period of good taste between horrible disasters and Hollywood's attempt at cashing in on them is narrower than many might think.

Fortunately there's a much smaller interval between Kimberley Garner appearances. Unlike this movie, I can find nothing at all controversial about Kim bringing her blessed booty before the cameras once again. The Brit bombshell also made a nice show of her front side with a low cut top. To be honest, I'm way more interested in looking at Kim than I am about the movie she's helping to premiere here. That goes double when she gets into a bikini, and triple for when she gets halfway out of her bikini.

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