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Kimberley Garner goes from packin' hot bikinis to packin' heat

03.06.2017by: Droz

All you gun nuts out there should do your best not to soil your shorts at the sight of English hottie Kimberley Garner handling her piece on location for her acting debut in the movie SWEETHEART. I don't know the context of this scene, but the visuals tell a story of their own. Let me guess - some drug dealers underestimated their hottie captive, who they abducted from her bed while still in a nightgown. Or maybe they forced her to strip down to her lingerie in an earlier scene. Being underestimated, she manages to get a gun and hold up said drug dealers, who are making some sort of a transaction in the desert. Seems plausible.

I suppose it was inevitable Kimberly would get into the acting biz. She is, after all, the ambitious type. Also, models are like comedians. In the heart of many a comedian there's a burning desire to become a music star of some sort. For models, it's acting. Hey, some of our best actresses started out as models. So who knows? Maybe Kimberley is the next Diane Keaton or Jessica Lange. I wouldn't pin my hopes on it, but it's possible.

Source: NSFW


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