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Kimberley Garner gets tight and wet

09.22.2015by: Droz

It's crazy how tiny some of the shit is that Kimberley Garner squeezes herself into while out and about. I don't think I could get an arm into some of these pants, much less anything like a leg. That's a testament to the svelte nature of her bod. Normally that kind of skinniness doesn't register with me beyond a quickly passing curiosity, but Kimberley is an exception. There's something different about her. Something about the way she shows off that tiny bod makes her stand out. I can't quite put my finger on it though. I mean she's pretty, but not the most stunning woman I ever saw. She's got a nice ass, but not the greatest ass. Typically those two features are the biggest draws for me where hotties go, but Kimberley does only slightly better than average in both areas. So what the hell is it about her I find so irresistible? I guess it's the whole package. She might not be the kind of busts out all over the place, but what she has she isn't shy about showing off whenever she gets the chance. I appreciate her commitment there.

Source: NSFW


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