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Kimberley Garner found time to slip that ass into a bikini during London Fashion Week

02.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Our favorite little reality TV show rich girl from the UK was at it again in a tiny black bikini this weekend. Kimberley Garner really has earned that title of tightest buns on a skinny chick and she doesn't mind showing it off, with a small photoshoot of her in a tiny black bikini getting released during the heart of her time at London Fashion Week. Kimberley alternated outfits between shows for PPQ (where she put the term f*ck me boots to good use) and Barrus & David Ferreira (where she showed that you don't need a shirt if your open faced jacket fits that well) and then slipped into the bikini on Saturday because... well, did she really need a reason? I feel less guilty for checking out the rack on Jessica Simpson, who at least has a whisper of a career for everyone to remember her by but Kimberley is definitely that guilty pleasure that doesn't feel as awful as ogling a Kardoucheian. I would say that someone should figure out something for Garner to do to assuage that guilty but f*ck it. It's alright for someone to just plain look this good and not much else, right?
Source: The Sun


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