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Kimberley Garner enjoys a cheat day in St. Tropez

01.05.2017by: Droz

Seems like we're getting a lot of repeat vacation swimsuit action from the various hotties. No doubt by now most of them have gone back to the chilly environs they were attempting to escape, but the pics of their exploits continue to trickle out. Unlike many of those other hotties, there will never be a shortage of Kimberley Garner tropical paradise pics. Girl makes her bones on moments like these. Although this particular bikini moment seemed to coincide with Kimberley's cheat day. Thus the slurping up of pasta and the messy ice cream cone. There may lie the reason Kimberley, while quite fit, nonetheless maintains a modest amount of curve to her bikini body. Otherwise she'd probably be much like your average bikini model, namely much more compact. I appreciate Kim's recognition of the rewards inherent in a substantial set of tits and a rounded tush. They're a much better way of showing off a bikini.

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