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Kimberley Garner does her patriotic duty

05.08.2015by: Droz

Kimberley Garner was out doing her duty as a subject of the realm yesterday. No, I'm not referring to the voting, although that's important too I guess. Much higher on Kimberley's list of responsibilities to the crown is to walk around wearing something white that emphasizes her ass. Kimberley does her part for queen and country by letting everyone know her little island empire has a ton of hotties in all shapes and sizes running around. Good on Kim for being a responsible citizen. Can't say the same for some of her other Englanders, a bunch of which were nowhere near home on election day. So either they decided to vote via some absentee ballot system, or their expat lifestyle costs them a say in who rules their homeland. I suppose that doesn't matter much if their goals in expatriating are tax relief or more habitable climates. Why should they care who is in charge back home as they lounge on sunny Spanish beaches? Seems a little shady to me, but whatever. All that matters right now is that Kim's ass looks nice in those pants. The politics will work itself out.

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