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Kimberley Garner classes up her hot ass for the Royal Ascot

06.16.2016by: Droz

It's been a mixture of tantalization and tragedy at this year's Royal Ascot races. I see they just had to put down of the Queen's horses after it broke its foot in a race. Always a shame when that happens. On the plus side of this event is Kimberley Garner here, doing her thing in line with the rest of the uppity English swells running around in their big hats. I'm curious if Kimberley is aware how her hat looks like a crashed UFO smoldering on the side of her head. Probably not. I'm just amazed I even noticed her hat, what with the literally glowing ass action happening with her and the dress she's got on here. It's apropos she's at the Royal Ascot, as one of my Kimberley fantasies is her wrapped around my face like an ascot. Now that's what I call a fashion statement.

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