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Kimberley Garner and her lacy thighs walk the red carpet

02.23.2016by: Droz

I don't know about this THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY movie. The trailer for it managed to elicit a few chuckles from the DEADPOOL audience I sat in, but I suspect it's one of those situations where they plucked the best and funniest scenes out of the movie to put in the trailer. Good or bad, that's not going to stop Kimberley Garner from showing up at its premiere in London. There's a girl who never misses an opportunity to show off for the cameras. I think she does her best show off work while wearing bikinis, but a little lacy thigh action will do just fine. I wonder when Kimberley will make an attempt at getting into a movie career. Yeah, that would probably make GRIMSBY look like THE GODFATHER by comparison. Unless she does a nude scene. Then I'm there with bells on.

Source: GotCeleb


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