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Kimberley Garner almost lost her bikini bottoms on shell beach

08.12.2015by: Droz

Kimberley Garner once again does her bikini modelling thing on a beach somewhere, reminding us all how great she's got it in life. And in a rare moment of honesty, the sleek Brit babe was captured in a real photoshoot atmosphere, rather than the fake candids she usually does. It appears Kimberley is coming up in the world. You know things are popping for a model when someone else is paying the camera person to take pictures of her. It's just too bad only one side of that string bikini came undone. Could have been an epic moment right there. Alas.

I heard some grumbling recently about Kimberley's ass and a supposed lacking she has thereof. I'm not sure what that's about. Just look at those first few pics and tell me that isn't an ass one could be proud of. Granted, her as isn't huge or round all the way around, but it's still a nice ass. I suspect there's been a bit too much hype made of the Jessica Biel style butt that tends to jut outward in that shelf style. Yes, those are nice butts and perhaps even the ideal butt to have. However, as a connoisseur of ass, I find there is still plenty to be said for somewhat more compact asses like Kimberley's. To put it simply, if you can grab it, it's okay by me.

Source: NSFW


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