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Holy hot body Kimberley Garner & what an arse

08.10.2015by: No Cool Handle

British reality TV star Kimberley Garner strolled the shores of St. Tropez while giving all an impressive show of her goods, and what great goods they are. So great she should never wear anything but swimsuits. Particularly ones that display the perfect protrusion that is her arse. These are the kind of photos that make me wish that there was a three hour video to go with it. That's how long I could watch that thing sway to and fro as she struts along the sandy surface. If St. Tropez is looking to give their economy a boost with a sudden surge in tourism, place a photo of Kimberley Garner's ass on every postcard and travel brochure with a single line that reads... St. Tropez enough said! No need for travel agents to sell the idea of visiting the French coastal town; those images will do all the work for them.

Source: hawtcelebs


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