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Kim Kardashian tortures a thong with her bloated butt

04.26.2017by: Droz

Oh boy, here we go. Normally we like to keep things positive around here and avoid any overt attempts at denigrating those celebs who might be easy targets for denigration. But there are times when the absurdity of the situation becomes unavoidable. Thus is the situation currently taking place around the dwarf planet otherwise known as Kim Kardashian's ass. Now obviously her butt was never small. We all know that. Yet even if it was big, it still looked great. I can't honestly say what has happened to it in the interim. I suppose the child births and hormone releases could have played a part. It might also be the effects of her age. What I suspect is really going on is merely Kim having all the rest of her post baby weight lipoed out and stuffed into her butt, making it just as an absurd spectacle as everything else in her life.

Her ridiculous shit show has been around 10 years now, if you can believe it. This is what 10 years of that has done to a once beautiful butt. It makes me kinda sad.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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