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Kim Kardashian looks better putting clothes on than taking them off

05.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
After that post-Easter rotten egg bikini ass delivery, I really thought we were going to see the end of Kim Kardashian around these parts. You guys don't like any of them. Hell, NONE of us writers like any of them. The "reality" show is a joke. The family is a blight on humanity, highlighting everything that's wrong with being an American (well, almost everything, the West Coast side of it). But then I see pictures of Kim walking along in a leather mini skirt and off-the-shoulder bodysuit and I think... OK, this looks good. This is what makes me understand why the diehards keep sticking around for this shit. We know it's not real, but rather a clever mirage designed to trick us, but we have to at least acknowledge that there is some masterful wizardry going on here. Shit that every Dumbledore couldn't conjure up. And for that, I give a nod of grudging recognition. Even knowing that all it's going to do is light a fire under you to tolerate the ad crap we have in order to leave your irritated comments.
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