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Kim Kardashian lashes out against Cosmo

04.11.2011by: Droz

The cover of the Turkish Cosmo above is generating serious controversy over at the Kardashian camp due to some unfortunate historical oversights on the behalf of Cosmopolitan magazine. The controversy stems from a terrible event in Armenian history whereby over a million Armenians were butchered by the Turkish government after the end of WWI - a crime the Turkish government still denies to this very day, despite universal acceptance of this mass murder as historical fact. Kim and her family are descendants of Armenian refugees that came to American following these terrible events for which the term "genocide" was originally coined.

Kim posed for these pictures some time ago and was aware that they were going to be distributed for international publication. However, somebody over in the Turkey Cosmo offices apparently didn't realize the significance of putting a descendant of their genocide on the cover of their magazines. Either denial runs rampant through all parts of Turkish society or somebody over at Cosmo needs to brush up on their history.

It's easy to take pot shots at Kim and her public profile. Yet her awareness of her roots and sensitivity to this still very much open wound in the Armenian culture is admirable.

Source: TMZ


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