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Kim Kardashian goes to the dogs

01.11.2012by: Cherry Liquor

F*ck the Super Bowl. F*ck football. F*ck those stupid Sketchers shoes that supposedly build ass muscle, they look stupid as hell. But don't f*ck this news out of the Super Bowl ad camp that says the shoe company is ditching its previous human representative for a dog.

I've gone through some personal ups and downs as far as my opinion of Kim Kardashian is concerned. Before I started working for the site, I couldn't give two flips to figure out who she was because I just didn't care. Then I needed to care and didn't understand what the hate was all about since while she might have been annoying, she was physically hot and I found that hard to be denied. If I had a penis, I'd still put it in her.

But after all this bullshit marriage stuff that only hurts the image of marriage in general (not that it needs much help being hurt at this point other than it has become a symbol for those who can and cannot have one - think back to Dr Suess' story about the Sneetches), I really have a sour taste in my mouth about the woman. Hearing that the Sketchers was replacing her in their expensive ads that are coveted by advertisers was some cool shit.

Since the news broke, it's been updated that the company is upset about the light in which they are being portrayed for dumping Kim. Their official statement includes phrases such as "Kim Kardashian has had a tremendously positive effect on the Skechers brand. And the ultimate cop-out, "While Kim's contract with Skechers simply came to an end at the end of last year, we continue to have a great relationship with her as we do with all the other talent who have worked with the brand over the years." (Which roughly translates to: "We didn't renew her contract because she didn't generate enough money for us and after the debacle that she caused in the media at the end of the year, we no longer cared to be associated with her for fear of negative reflection on our company.")


Source: DListedHuffPo


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