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Kim Kardashian channels Barbarella for swimwear

11.10.2010by: Lester Diamond
I found it amusing that on one end of the celebrity spectrum, we have Lindsay Lohan who had an epic fall from grace and is now reduced to showing her nipple on a magazine cover. While on the other side of that spectrum, we have Kim Kardashian , who initially emerged into the public conscious via a sex-tape, yet continues to thrive in the public eye to this very day. Lindsay actually had a viable acting career at one time (doesn't it seem like so long ago?) and now can't seem to get farther than courtrooms, rehab centers, and cocaine straws (almost forgot exploitative parents). Isn't it a truly bizarro world we live in at times? Some folks are rewarded for risque behavior and can actually carve genuine careers from it (or at least milk their infamy for a tidy sum), while others just seem to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss while the rest of us just shake our heads in disgust. One thing is for sure...Lindsay needs to get Kim's management team on speed dial pronto!

Kim has designed own line of swimwear (or at least signed her name on a paper when they were completed) and recently sported a blonde wig to play up the BARBARELLA aspect of the designs. I have to say, she doesn't look bad as a fake blonde. Thigh high boots are always a plus in my book, so I support her promotion of them to aspiring attention whores. My only question at this point is...where are the shots from the rear? We all know that's her major claim to fame, so it's a glaring omission in my eyes. I've included a few pics of her swimwear line below for your perusal (sans Kim). Sure they look sexy, but when you have a hot chick wearing a two piece, who's really looking closely at the design?


Source: Huffington Post


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