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Kiera Chaplin honors granddad Charlie Chaplin in a revealing dress

05.12.2017by: No Cool Handle

There's a good chance one of the only images you have to represent Charlie Chaplin is that of a goofy guy with a mustache, cane and bowler hat. Strip away the iconography and you'll discover that the multitalented comedian/filmmaker was quite the handsom European gentlemen (in his younger years, anyway). So prominent was the sexy gene, it maintained potency for two generations down the line and was passed unto granddaughter Kiera Chaplin. The beautiful blonde Britt showed up to the Charlie Chaplin Awards in New York City as the acting representative to her famous bloodline – and did so in extremely fine style. Showing support in unsupported fashion certainly punctuates her unwavering commitment to instilling her granddaddy's legacy. Now, the only image you have to represent Kiera Chaplin might just be that of her large iconic breasts.

Source: Got Celeb


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