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Kick back & relax with a little Charlize Theron beauty in V magazine

06.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She's taken some flak for that interview with GQ but let's take the woman's side for a minute. It IS harder for the beautiful people to get roles where they're taken seriously. Even seriously beautiful gals like Charlize Theron want to be known as something more than a pretty face. And Theron has worked at it, including gaining weight & shaving her head for those roles she's believed in and fought to obtain. In the beginning of her career she was simply the statuesque blonde goddess, requested by male stars to look good on their arm, but as she's come into her own in later years, when she should be calling more of the shots, the studios still want to plug her into those cardboard cutouts. It's hard to overlook that beauty, especially in shoots like this one from the summer issue of V magazine, but no one can (or should) be considered perfect all of the time. Charlize has more than proven her value, even if her choices in dudes is occasionally suspect. 


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